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Ageism in our Travel Marketing & Media

Our culture continues to be starved for real connection and generational relationships that would impart the cultural & experiential wisdom we so desperately need. Why does the West still fight this fact and perpetuate stereotypes? With an aging population - lead by women, who are more active than ever and wield more spending power - we have an opportunity to harness the power of experience.

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I recently returned from an incredible all-women trip to Bermuda with ‘Women Who Travel’, an exciting new program from CNT to encourage global exploration in carefully curated trips for women. The island was beyond beautiful and held history that was largely unknown to me previously.

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Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day and there are so many incredible individuals - past & present - to celebrate, along with supporting those coming up behind us. With so many female trailblazers throughout history, I thought I would share some historical female adventurers who made an impact.

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