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Ageism in our Travel Marketing & Media

Our culture continues to be starved for real connection and generational relationships that would impart the cultural & experiential wisdom we so desperately need. Why does the West still fight this fact and perpetuate stereotypes? With an aging population - lead by women, who are more active than ever and wield more spending power - we have an opportunity to harness the power of experience.

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Reconnecting With My Southwest Roots (Mother's Day Edition)

If you follow my writing, you know that I have recently spent a considerable amount of time traveling around the Southwest over the past few years. While it’s true I spent my childhood summers in Colorado and New Mexico to see family - miles away from where I grew up in Western Canada - to visit my wonderful Grandmother and family friends, but did not understand how deep our roots went here - and in America - until research and genetic revelations much later in adulthood. It’s funny how some places have always felt so familiar, without logical explanation.

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Culture Connection: The Art of Local Travel & Hospitality

After working with large hospitality brands around the world, I have spent the last few years traveling extensively around America — mainly to emerging markets — to speak with local business owners, to see what the next generation of hospitality & hotels are doing (boutique hotels, B&Bs, vacation homes, etc) and how they are getting everything right in terms of design, branding, collaboration, experiences and connecting to local culture.

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Marfa, Texas

While I have taken many trips to the wonderful town of Austin, it was Marfa, Texas that has long been beckoning me (as well as the Roundtop Antique Market, which is still on my list). This art hub in a small desert city in west Texas, has big things going on in a Wild West setting.

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