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Reconnecting With My Southwest Roots (Mother's Day Edition)

If you follow my writing, you know that I have recently spent a considerable amount of time traveling around the Southwest over the past few years. While it’s true I spent my childhood summers in Colorado and New Mexico to see family - miles away from where I grew up in Western Canada - to visit my wonderful Grandmother and family friends, but did not understand how deep our roots went here - and in America - until research and genetic revelations much later in adulthood. It’s funny how some places have always felt so familiar, without logical explanation.

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The Experiences Factor

I recently co-hosted the Lux Travel Chat on Twitter, and we discussed what people are looking for in terms of experiences, to connect with local culture. Turns out, this is a high priority for many of you, so it’s no wonder programs like Airbnb’s Experiences or EatWith dining packages are booming.

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Ancestral Travel

If you are like us, and are obsessed with shows like “Who Do You Think You Are” and “Finding Your Roots”, then you no doubt are interested in ancestral travel. With the popularity of 23andme DNA tests, and websites like, there is no end to investigating your family roots.

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