Where To Get Into Halloween Spirit

NYC Parade + Dog Halloween Parade:

New York City’s Village Halloween Parade is a cultural phenomenon that shuts down lower Manhattan with an excess of urban revelry. The dog parade is less so, held in Thompkins square, but the costumes are to die for.

Sleepy Hollow:

Just up the Hudson Valley, the month-long Sleepy Hollow Halloween takes over the town (both Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow, which are connected) with haunted hayrides, live music, street fairs, and parades. And yes, there is a headless horseman that roams the graveyard.

Salem, Massachusetts:

Spooky witch trial memories! This town capitalizes on its witch-trial legacy each Halloween with its Festival of the Dead. Macabre activities rule for 31 days as Salem attracts an influx of almost 500,000 visitors each October.

New Orleans:

The Big Easy goes all out for its Halloween celebrations, hosting Halloween festivities second only to Mardi Gras. Known as “the most haunted city in America,” New Orleans is laden with guided haunted tours that bring brave souls on encounters with other dimensions.

Los Angeles

(west hollywood carnaval): Approximately 500,000 people fill Santa Monica Boulevard each year for West Hollywood Carnaval, the world’s largest Halloween street party.

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