Travel Tech 2017

We learned many things at this year’s Skift Travel forum, including that there is no shortage of travel tech coming to the forefront (beyond the usual suspects, from Trip Advisor, Hotels, Hotel Tonight, Expedia, Orbitz, Airbnb, etc). Their annual Travel Tech 250 is a killer list that should absolutely be explored in detail when you have a moment (assuming you are interested 😉 with genres including inspiration, alternative accommodations, business travel, tours & activities, vacations & tours, deal sites, messaging, ground transport, OTS, metasearch and niche.

They also recently accumulated a list of 17 top startups in 2017, a mix of consumer and business-to-business models, only including startups that have raised less than $15 million in funding. See below:

Skift’s Top Travel Startups for 2017

Airhelp: Like a travel lawyer on speed dial

Alice: Like a shared hotel to-do-list for the post-Walkie Talkie era

Baoku: Like Asia’s version of KDS

Flyr: Like Moneyball applied to travel

Freebird: Like an on-call airline gate agent

Gopili: Like a Skyscanner for rail, bus, and car-share as well as plane Like an Expedia for West Africa

IreckonU: Like a mobile-first hotel command station

LocusLabs: Like an enhanced Google Maps for airports

LodgIQ: Like an IBM Watson for hotel revenue managers

MilesLife: Like a mileage card for your phone

Repup: Like a Medallia for India

Tiqets: Like a Ticketmaster for museums

TourRadar: Like a Viator for multi-day group tours and river cruises

Travefy: Like if Apple built tools for travel agents

Traxo: Like a Roomba for company travel data

Viajala: Like a Momondo for Latin America

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