An Ode To Chef Jose Andres & World Central Kitchen

The good people behind Wold Central Kitchen have been helping people all over in desperate need last year, from Puerto Rico to California Wildfire victims. How did this begin, you ask? In his words: “When an earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, I decided to fly down to cook for people who were desperate for nourishment. It was my time to act, but I wanted to offer a sustainable solution. I created World Central Kitchen to find sustainable solutions to ending food insecurity and malnutrition. There are many people to feed and many plates to fill in a world where food should be accessible to everyone. World Central Kitchen is a catalyst of change through chef-driven programs that focus on improving health, education, and employment. Using our chef expertise, we will continue to invest in safe cooking methods, healthy school meals, and culinary training empowering communities and strengthening economies around the world”

Again, after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, chef José Andrés traveled to the devastated island with a simple idea: to feed the hungry. Millions of meals served later, Andrés shares the remarkable story through this Ted Talk of creating the world’s biggest restaurant — and the awesome power of letting people in need know that somebody cares about them.

Last March, Chef José Andrés received a well-deserved “Humanitarian of the Year” award from the James Beard Foundation, stating “Andrés is a committed advocate of food and hunger issues and is known for championing the role of chefs in the national debate on food policy. In 2012, Andrés formed World Central Kitchen, a non-profit that provides smart solutions to hunger and poverty by using the power of food to empower communities and strengthen economies.” 

Just last Fall, Jose and his World Central Kitchen chefs were in California, and #ChefsForCalifornia were busy cooking and baking, to feed wildfire victims and create a special Thanksgiving for all. As recently as this week, their team was back again serving government workers who are going without pay due to the current shutdown.

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