My Annual Travel Gift Guide

After the popularity of last year’s gift guide, and my Amazon store, I am excited to share what I have rounded up for this year. I spend a lot of time meeting vendors around the world, certainly in the USA, so I have tried to include unique items from the road.  (*Full disclosure: some of these gems can also be found in the my Wild West Home store)

1, Pendleton blanket – These gorgeous wool blankets have been made for 200 years by this family company, and have many read gift box options ready to ship. It would make a wonderful gift to someone with a new home or a cabin.  YAKIMA CAMP BLANKET $149-199

2. Back At The Ranch Cowboy Boots – Our Friends in Santa Fe, have been making the best custom and luxury boots in the business, made by multigenerational boots makers in Texas. CARIN 16″ $998

3. Doterra Essential Oils Kit – Doterra makes the best quality oils, they last a long while, and can be used in a number of ways to achieve balance and calm.  AROMA TOUCH TECHNIQUE KIT $110

4. Headspace App – Get yourself some peace of mind and give the gift of a 1 year subscription to Headspace. This daily app can work wonders with only a 10 minute (or longer) guided meditation daily, with a number of themes.

5. Tio Y Tia Hat – We loved it when the ladies launched this brand of south west inspired wool hats. We are partial to The Beatriz, $195

6. Byta cups and steel straws – For your eco-conscious friends/family: There are plenty of water bottles on the market, but Byta is more compact and great for hot or cold.  Available in multiple colors, $29. (Bonus: Order some steel straws to help the oceans and go plastic free)

7. Local Candle – Joshua Tree Candle (CA, $36 for 16 oz) or Wooly Wax Candle (CO, $24) and two of our favorite local candle markers who create one-of-a-kind-scents

8. We Take The Cake Gourmet Bundt Cakes – Because who wouldn’t want a delicious cake that can be served anytime? Oprah agreed and has it on her list too. $36 each

9. Masterclass – My favorite gift from last year. Buy someone a subscription for one year and have all access to creative classes from top authors (Margaret Atwood) to directors (Martin Scorcese) to actors (Helen Mirren) to screenwriters (Aaron Sorkin) and more. $180 for all access, $90 for one class

10. A stylish suitcase – Some of our favorites include the Samsonite Pivot Hardcase ($210), Away Carry-on ($225), TumiExplandable carry-on ($490), Rimowa ($998)

*Shameless plug for my children’s travel book “To Be We: The Adventure of Owen and Lucy” for preschool ages

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