Yoga Retreats + Events

Yoga retreats and events have been a booming business ever since it the practice became popular as a form of exercise in Western countries in the 1980s, and has become a huge part of the ‘wellness tourism’ market, a growing industry that was estimated at nearly US$500 billion in 2015 (which means it’s definitely well up since then). Given I personally do a lot of yoga, I have been intrigued by the number of my teachers who conduct yoga retreats in various exotic locations (Mexico, Costa Rica and Hawaii are all popular destinations), and also those doing teacher training in for long stay stretches overseas (India, Dubai). Let’s review a few events coming up and well-know teachers – and Nameste!

Wanderlust Festival

We can’t talk about yoga events without addressing one of the largest ongoing festivals in North America: Wanderlust Festivals & Events (They also offer online classes and have stand-alone centers in CA, TX, QC). Experience the Wanderlust magic through our multi-day festivals and inspiring one-day events! UPDATE: Be sure to check out my post on their recent Wellspring event in Palm Springs

Celebrity Instructors

Using the word “celebrity” here in place of popular, adored, well branded & business savvy yoga leaders who lead special retreats and training globally. There are so many incredible leaders out there, but you have no doubt seen this social media friendly yogis Teachers like Elena BrowerRachel BrathenDana Trixie Flynn, Claire Fountain, Kerri Verna, Melini Jesudason, Koya Webb, Laura Sykora, Robin Martin and more. If you have a favorite yoga studio, no doubt they have instructors who offer an annual retreat or two, so be sure to ask!

Destinations: Retreats & Teacher Training

India: India is probably THE best place in the world to get intensive teacher training – afterall, it comes from there! While there are plenty of options, Southern India with it’s gorgeous beach towns is a great bet, though you will certainly hear people mention Goa often too, as well as Rishikesh in the North.

Costa Rica: This beautiful country has become renowned for it’s retreats and trainings, with three different regions to support yoga: Nosara, Tamarindo, and Santa Teresa. I have been to the first two areas and was overwhlemed by the incredible choices and accommodations.

 There has certainly been a boom in yoga retreats, though Tulum has specifically always been a big draw. See our travel guide for the area here.

Hawaii: With this kinds of beauty, it is an obvious choice. There’s no need to explain why Hawaiian yoga retreats are among the very best, and again, there are ample options that are reasonably affordable.

Thailand: In the Southeast you will find Koh Phangan which has become one of the most popular travel destinations in general with its white sand beaches, and also Koh Samui  – located off the east coast just a 45-minute ferry sail from Koh Phangan – with 100 yoga retreats in Koh Samui to choose from.

Indonesia: Specifically talking about t he island of Bali here, with its abundance of yoga centers, culture of healthy living, and tons of vegan, vegetarian and raw food options. There are over 1200 spas you can enjoy or sign up for one of the 500+ yoga retreats available.

*Dubai: Special shout out as my friend & incredible yoga instructor Erica Blitz who is about to start her annual 200 hour teacher training program in Dubai from June 25-July 19. For more information click here.

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